The top YouTube videos of all time

First Published: 24th April, 2016
Last Updated   : 25th April, 2016

We all know that YouTube is such a fun website to browse. Be it educational videos, funny videos or any movie, YouTube is the first place we search for them.


YouTube has such a vast collection of videos that often we miss a lot of them. Here we present to you the top YouTube videos of all time:

1. Gangnam Style (By PSY)

Who hasn’t watched Gangnam Style?? This video by PSY is the most viewed video of all time in all categories. Uploaded on 15th July 2012, this video has over 2550 million views and leads the 2nd top video by around 1000 million views. A great feat indeed!! . Apart fro this, it is the only video to have surpassed 2 billion views.

Credit: Gangnam Style

2. See You Again (By Wiz Khalifa)

The 2nd most viewed video is See You Again. Launched on 6th April 2015, this video has about 1650 million views. It is catching very fast and may soon top this .

Credit: See You Again

3. Blank Space (By Taylor Swift)

Taylor Swift has become a chart topping machine. Every song of hers is a definite chart topper and Blank Space is no different. Launched in late 2014, this one sits at the 3rd place with ~1570 million views.

Credit: Blank Space

4. Uptown Funk (By Mark Ronson)

This video by Mark Ronson features Bruno Mars as singer. Launched on 19th Nov, 2014, it has more than 1540 million views.

Credit: Uptown Funk

5. Hello (By Adele)

Hello by Adele was released on 22nd October 2015. As of now it has about 1469 million views. It is the fastest video to reach 1 billion views (in just 88 days) .


These are the top 5 videos on Youtube. Watch them if you haven’t. And do keep checking this space for more such fun facts.

Source: Youtube




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