YouTube videos to cross 1 billion views the FASTEST

In the previeous post, we listed the videos with highest view counts. Now we take a look at the videos that crossed 1 billion views the fastest.

Here we list the videos from slowest to the fastest.


5. Blank Space (By Taylor Swift)

Placed at 3rd position in the list of billion plus videos on YouTube, Taylor Swift’s chartbuster “Blank Space” took 240 days to get past 1 billion views.

4. See You Again (By Wiz Khalifa)

Recorded by rapper Wiz Khalifa and featuring singer Charlie Puth , this song took 184 days to cross a billion views . This song featured in the film Furious 7 and was a tribute to the actor Paul Walker who died in a road accident in 2013.

3. Gangnam Style (By PSY)

Filmed in Seoul for straight 48 hours, PSY’s Gangnam Style has been a record breaker ever since its launch. While number 1 in videos with highest views, here it sits at 3rd place with first billion views coming in 159 days .

2. Sorry (By Justin Beiber)

Launched in late 2015, Justin Beiber’s Sorry took only 137 days to get 1 billion views . Also this is the least number of days in which a male singer has got 1 billion views. While this doesn’t feature in the Top 10 most viewed videos on YouTube, it still has a lot of accolades to its name.

1. Hello (By Adele)

At place 5 in Most Viewed YouTube Videos, this single by Adele managed a billion views in just 88 days. Not only did it break YouTube’s record, on Vevo too it became the fastest 100 million views.


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